lira velasco is an office located in Mexico City. Founded by architects Miguel Ángel Lira Filloy and Rodrigo Velasco in 2018.

The office is always in search of projects that represent a challenge , starting with the investigation of each case and locating the needs of the user and then exploring the different ways of addressing problems to diversify their solutions. Each future building must be thought in a particular way to be analyzed within a clear design strategy, achieving a result that transforms the relationship of dialogue between the projected architectural object and its environment.

Our multidisciplinary team works hand in hand with clients and in collaboration with experts in different fields to achieve the necessary knowledge, gain value and establish the method at the service of the project and its areas of influence.

We focus on rethinking what exists, seeking to destroy myths and face the challenges offered by contemporary society , involved in constant cultural, social, economic and technological changes. We look to the past and present to try to shape the future. Our projects are manifest of today's world and how we want to live tomorrow , taking into account the context we develop around it and seek to generate a dialogue with it.

Lira Velasco Arquitectos uses the experience of more than 30 years to approach each project with skill and seriousness, always with an updated view that reinvents itself and adapts to new times, using the technological resources at its disposal in the search for new materials. structural techniques and construction methods to meet the needs of each of the users who live their spaces.


Our services include:

  • Architecture

  • Urban strategies

  • Tactical design

  • Schematic design

  • Design development

  • Construction documentation

  • Architectural supervision

  • Interior design

  • Planning

  • Industrial design

  • Consulting

  • Value architecture


Miguel Ángel LIRA

Architect and Postulant to Master in Philosophy with the thesis: "The aesthetics of the music of Iannis Xenakis in the architecture of the 20th century" both by the Universidad Iberoamericana. He has collaborated in the Serrano, Serrano, Nava offices; Albin and Norten and Legorreta Arquitectos between 1982 and l988. He was a founding Partner of Springall + Lira from 1988 to 2018, with offices in both Mexico and Spain. In 2019 he becomes Co-Director and Founding Partner of lira.velasco.arquitectos.

Among its most important and awarded buildings are: Dairy factory for Grupo Danone in Irapuato, Social Interest Module in Santa Cruz Meyehualco, Iztapalapa, International Call Center for Banco Santander in Querétaro. He is currently collaborating in the following projects: Althaus 1 and 2, large-scale housing and services buildings for the Arhea group in San Ángel and Pedregal. The Mitikah Tower, for Park's in Coyoacán. ISSSTE City for the Institution in San Fernando, Tlalpan. Housing, Office and Services Building in Guadalajara for Nemesis Capital.

Academic at the Tecnológico de Monterrey, the Universidad Iberoamericana, UNAM and Universidad Anáhuac and Co-General Director of PREPOSICIONES, a digital platform for architecture, design, and urban planning.

He has been winner of the Biennial of Mexican architecture in the genre of schools with the CIDE Classroom Building and Auditorium.


Rodrigo Velasco

Architect and urban planner from the Universidad Iberoamericana with a master's degree with "Honorable Mention" in Management and Transformation of the City from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, he was also a recipient of the FONCA "Young Creators" scholarship in the period 2010-2011 and He is an Active Member of the College of Architects.

Full professor at the Faculties of Architecture and Design at the Anahuac University since 2008 and visiting professor at the Ibero-American Universities, Center and the Faculty of Architecture at UNAM.

He has given conferences and workshops at different Universities and Congresses nationwide. His work has been exhibited at: The San Luis Potosí Arts Center, the Vasconcelos Library in Mexico City, The MUCA University Museum of Science and Arts-UNAM Campus and the International Architecture Biennial of Argentina (BIA- AR). He has written for magazines specialized in Art and Architecture such as 192, Lee + and Fahrenheit. Co-Director of the printed and digital platform dedicated to art and urbanism “El Asunto Urbano” and is currently a member and Co-General Director of PREPOSICIONES, digital platform for architecture, design, and urbanism.

After working in several renowned offices in Mexico and Spain, in 2010 he founded Rodrigo Velasco Arquitecto and in 2019 he became Co-Director and Founding Partner of lira.velasco.arquitectos.


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